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A South Korean winter wonderland

Winter lights display, Garden of Morning Calm, South Korea

Wow. Just wow. I’m a sucker for colourful twinkly lights, so you can imagine how delighted I was to discover the amazing ‘Garden of Morning Calm’, a park in South Korea which I’m going to have to somehow get to.

Look at all that sparkly loveliness. A cross between Las Vegas and  Disney, and just a touch psychedelic. In other words, absolutely spectacular.

Garden of Morning Calm

The park is beautiful all year round, but in winter, due to the absence of flowers, the wonderfully-named Five Color Starlight Exhibit shown here takes place.

The gardens are decorated with thousands upon thousands of lightbulbs, and it’s said that waiting visitors quite literally gasp when the lights are turned on each evening. I’m sure I would, too.

Can you imagine walking through this hyper-pink illuminated tunnel? Definitely one way to add a preternaturally healthy glow to your cheeks!

Christmas lights, illuminated tunnel

Although this sparkling winter wonderland clearly owes an allegiance to the festive holiday illuminations common in countries such as the US, it isn’t exactly a ‘traditional’ Christmas display, largely because South Korea is predominantly Buddhist.

Which means that alongside miniature churches, angels and cherubs, you’ll come across something a little less obvious – such as a giraffe.

Festive holiday lights

Or all sorts of other glittery stuff, like love hearts on stalks and fairytale carriages. (We did mention Disney, right?).

South Korea's garden of morning calm in winter

Dazzling holiday lights display

Of course, a lot of the lights are animated, too, meaning that to get the full, dazzling experience you either have to be there, or just be super-thankful that a generous soul uploads a video such as the one below….

As already mentioned, the gardens are stunning whatever the season, and just to prove it, here are a couple of non-wintry snaps.

Garden of Morning Calm, Korea

Garden of Morning Calm

I’d love to go at any time, quite frankly, but it’s probably obvious that my visit of choice would definitely take place when the park transforms itself from a Garden of Morning Calm into a Garden of Evening Sensory Overkill.


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