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Dysturb: Parisian photojournalists take to the streets

It’s not every day that professional photojournalists adopt the fly-posting tactics of urban artists, but this is exactly what French photographer Pierre Terdjman began doing in February 2014 by pasting billboard-sized reproductions of his work throughout the streets of Paris.

The reason? Many of his hard-hitting images of conflict would otherwise remain unseen.

As the 34-year-old explained to Time magazine in a recent interview, “Each time I finish a story, it’s the same struggle to get my images published. Magazines are rarely interested in showing what’s happening in Egypt, in Georgia, in Afghanistan. Sometimes they’ll publish one or two images, but that’s it. So, everything started from a very selfish idea. I wanted to show my photographs. I wanted to inform people, show them what I’d seen.”

Nothing particularly selfish about that, we’d say, and enough colleagues were equally attracted to the idea to lead to the formation of Dysturb, a project that invites other photojournalists to submit unpublished work for fly-posting, or even get in on the action themselves.

The team is planning to expand to other European capitals, along with major American cities such as New York and San Francisco.

And although for now, Dysturb’s unconventional news-distribution efforts are entirely self-funded, they’re hoping that further recognition will allow them to crowd-fund their campaign – as well as, of course, spread their core message.

“We’re not looking to make a name or to degrade a city’s public spaces”, says Terdjman. “It’s really about telling the story of what’s happening in the Central African Republic, in Egypt, in Ukraine….The goal is to raise awareness about what’s actually going on in the world.”

Photo billboards from Paris collective Dysturb

Dysturb website