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Congo chiduku

The Congo’s wooden workhorses

They’re certainly not the sleekest design, and have, in the past, had a tendency to catch fire at high speeds. But in the war-torn and impoverished eastern Congo, these hand-crafted wooden scooters are a familiar form of transport – as well as for many, the only vehicle

Berlin's abandoned cabaret

Berlin’s long-lost cabaret

Berlin and its pre-war cabarets are, of course, the stuff of legend. Symbolic of a raucous, hedonistic, life-loving party scene that flamed with ferocity before it was swept away by one of the darkest episodes in history. And yes - we’ve probably all seen that movie in which

Andy Warhol shopping for groceries, New York 1963

Popping back to the ’60s with Andy Warhol

So – once upon a time the King of Pop Art was not only the most important and influential artist of his day, but also a bit of a winsome cutie pie. I simply had to share these irresistible images of Andy Warhol attempting to prove that

Rockefeller Center Sky Gardens

The Rockefeller Center’s vanished sky gardens

Don’t you just love tucked-away city rooftop gardens? New York’s Rockefeller Center boasts several, but unfortunately, they’re rarely accessible to the public. Numbering five (yes, five!) in total, the most impressive are located atop La Maison Française and the British Empire Building, and can be only be