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Popping back to the ’60s with Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol shopping for Campbell's soup, 1963

So – once upon a time the King of Pop Art was not only the most important and influential artist of his day, but also a bit of a winsome cutie pie.

Andy Warhol shopping - Campbell's soup, Coke, Brillo

Andy Warhol, shopping in supermarket, NYC 1963

Andy Warhol, New York 1960s

I simply had to share these irresistible images of Andy Warhol attempting to prove that he not only painted soup cans and coke bottles, but added them to his weekly shop, too.

Andy Warhol with flower painting, New York

And here he is again, in 1964. There’s a bit of a Van Gogh tribute theme going on here, but very much centre-stage (apart from Andy himself) is a flower painting that would now be worth zillions.

Why wasn’t I around to buy it?

Andy Warhol with flowers painting, 1964 Andy Warhol poses with Flowers painting in New YorkImages via Bob Adelman and Kiwi Arts Group